Henry Gavilanez

Marketing Specialist

Henry Gavilanez is a marketing specialist, working primarily in event promotion and corporate event marketing. With experience driving people to attend both online and in-person events, Gavilanez is a seasoned marketing professional that has been featured on international platforms for his marketing expertise. 

Marketing Research

Get to learn your target  audience and how to reach them with state-of-the-art marketing research strategies. 

Marketing Strategy

A strategic approach to marketing is crucial for staying ahead of the curve in today’s market, and Henry Gavilanez can help. 

Event Marketing and Promotion

Delve into all there is to know about event marketing and promotion and marketing techniques to drive attendance.

Henry gavilanez

“Influencers have the power to drive people to attend your next event."


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Once you get started with ads, you learn the techniques that work and you can rinse and repeat to create results.

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Henry Gavilanez


Henry Gavilanez in the Media

Henry Gavilanez has been featured in news platforms worldwide for his expertise in event promotion and marketing insights, helping individuals and corporations create meaningful experiences with their customers. 

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